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A Promise Kept

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A Promise Kept

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A compelling true tale of love and devotion as a husband cares for his ill wife. He shares the story of their struggles and the remarkable lessons they have learned together about God's love.

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SKU 2879
Author J. Robertson McQuilken
Translator 黄淑俐
ISBN 9787805888798
Publisher 甘肃人民美术出版社
Publication Date 2011年4月
Number of Pages 60千字
List Price CN¥26.00

This small but powerful book shows the cost of a lifelong love, and how one man remained faithful to his wife despite the cost.


J. Robertson McQuilken, well-known and respected speaker and author, served as third president of Columbia International University from 1968 to 1990.  His intelligent and vivacious wife, Muriel, was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, and as the disease progressed, Muriel was forced to abandon her popular radio show and speaking engagements. As the disease took its toll on Muriel, Robertson devoted more and more time to watching over her.  He left his work and other pursuits to care for her because without his presence, she became fearful and agitated.  Only with him near is she happy and content.   Eventually she became totally dependent upon him, unable to perform rudimentary tasks or even speak.  The heart of the story is that Robertson remains with her gratefully, and with a loving attitude.  He is not an angry or resentful caretaker.  As difficult as it is to see Muriel slip away, he sees his caretaking as a holy task, one entrusted to him by God.


This book helps the reader think through questions such as:  What exactly does it mean to do ministry done for God?  What do we consider fulfilling and important?  What does God consider important?  What do real love and abiding in Christ look like, especially as it involves family, job, and ministry?  This book is excellent for all married couples, and especially for those involved in long-term care of loved ones.


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