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侯士庭(James M.Houston)

侯士庭(James M.Houston),当代著名灵修神学家、属灵导师,加拿大维真学院创办人,任该学院院长和灵修神学教授多年,在平信徒神学教育方面贡献突出。著有《心灵渴望》、《转化生命的友谊》、《师徒之道》、《美好品格的塑造》、《幸福真谛》、《灵修神学发展史》、《喜乐放逐者》等书;编有“信仰与灵修经典”系列,对于福音派重拾灵修传统影响深远。

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  1. The Mentored Life: From Individualism to Personhood

    In these pages James M. Houston, one of the greatest spiritual mentors of our time, offers a thoughtful and surprising examination of what it means to be a true disciple of Christ. The Mentored Life is a stirring call to the church to become a community of friends and mentors, following the ultimate Mentor, Jesus Christ, who alone can mentor us into full personhood.
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  2. Christian Character Formation

    Christian Character Formation is formatted and written according to James Houston's teachings in Asia. Houston writes that "character" means "morality and personality," and it is "a permanent mark imprinted according to the mold." The more Christians allow God to mold their life, the more their character will reflect Him. Houston explains that six qualities affect the impression a Christian leaves on others: temperament, character, consciousness, love, practice and holiness. In Christian Character Formation, he dives deep into each of these six areas. Also included at the end of the book as an appendix is Houston's article "Exploring the Continent of Loneliness." This book is the needed reminder all Christians need to continually put their trust in their Father's hands, to allow Him to mold us into the image of Christ.

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  3. The Heart's Desire: Satisfying the Hunger of the Soul

    James Houston helps us trace the consequences of pursuing things that can never satisfy. He awakens in our hearts the true desire for an authentic relationship with God that alone can fulfill our soul's hunger.

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