Welcome to our International website goodnewsinchina.com. We are trying our best to serve our customers globally. For customers in North America, we would like to introduce to you to Chinese Resource Ministry (CRM, from AFC, Ambassadors for Christ). CRM is our partner in the USA and we share the same vision in ministry. Many of our popular items are also available on their website www.afcresources.org/contents/en-us/d1.html. For more information about CRM, please contact them via email CRM@afcinc.org or toll-free phone number 1-888-999-7958. God bless you.

GNIC welcomes you!


Payment for delivery to orders within China (see payment page):

Domestic orders can be paid for using Alipay, bank transfer, online payment or international MasterCard or Visa/PayPal.

Shipping methods/cost for delivery to orders within China:

1.  [Private Delivery Company – prepaid (using international MasterCard or Visa/PayPal, Alipay, bank transfer, online, etc.)】 The cost is 5 RMB for each order under 199 RMB (regardless of weight) within mainland China.  Shipping is FREE for any order of 199 RMB or more.  The delivery company will deliver directly to the address you have provided (in Chinese if possible).  Shipping time is usually within 48 hours for Beijing orders, one week (more or less) for other cities, depending on the area.   (Note:  In the event that the private delivery company we use does not serve your area, your order will be delivered for the same fee by China Post to your local post office.  You will receive a notice and will be able to pick it up there.
2.  [China Post/post office】The shipping charge is 5 RMB for each order under 199 RMB.  Shipping is FREE for orders of 199 RMB or more.  Orders will be delivered to a local post office and customers will receive a notice telling them to pick it up there.  Please note that, according to China Post's policy, delivery may take from 4 to 21 days, depending on the location.
3.  [Private delivery company- cash on delivery (COD) 】Cash on Delivery (COD) service is now available for more locations in China!

   *  For Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Province: Shipping is 10 RMB for orders under 199 RMB.  Shipping is FREE for orders over 199 RMB. 
   *  For Shanghai, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Anhui, Hubei, Jilin, Liaoning, Shandong and Shanxi Provinces: Shipping is 15 RMB for all orders.

Payment for orders shipped to international locations (see payment page): 

Unless the customer has the ability to pay in RMB online, all international customers will use PayPal and pay with an international MasterCard or Visa credit card.  You will receive a PayPal invoice from customer service after you place your order.
The delivery charge will be calculated automatically when type of delivery is selected.
Shipping methods for international orders:

  •   1.  Express company (available for Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan only):  These should normally arrive within one week.
  •   2. "International Small Package" (under 50 RMB or 100 RMB equivalent):  These orders should normally arrive within one month
  •   3.  Post Office (“slow boat”):  These orders normally arrive within two months. 
  •   4.  DHL International Express:  These orders normally arrive within 3 or 4 days.